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Motorrad Elektrik is always working to raise the bar and make old Boxers better. This is the perfect replacement for the failure-prone starters fitted to the 1988 through 95 two-valve Boxers, and will also fit all 77-87 twins that came with Bosch starters.

The starters are also available for all 1970 thru 76 Slash 5, Slash 6, and R90S models that have an 8 tooth drive gear!

This starter is very well suited for use on high-compression or performance-modified engines.

Our starter motors are made by Nippondenso, originally for use in Toyota trucks and mated to a new casting and drive gear to fit the BMW engine. The high torque planetary gear design DOES NOT use glued-in magnets for the motor fields. Robust construction and wire-coil fields insure long service and can be rebuilt. At 6 lbs., it's approximately half of a Bosch's weight, and draws 80 amps of battery current, compared to the 120 amp draw common to Bosch.

Drop-in replacement requires no modifications or rewiring. Use your existing starter bolts & nuts. One year warranty.


There is no core or trade in of the old starter required.

Retail price: $350.00


Replacement Starter for 4 Valve Twin Oilheads $350.00

ND Starter for Oilheads! 1994-2006, R850, R1100, R1150 and R1200 Cruiser.










Battery cables, + and - 1970-76 $29.95

Battery cables, + and - 1977-95 $34.95

These new 4 gauge cables are made of premium 420 strand copper and have solid copper terminals that are properly swaged and then sealed with a piece of adhesive-lined heat shrink.They should provide full amperage and ground beyond requirements, for another period of decades.

This is what your motorcycle could be struggling to overcome: gritty, green corrosion that causes so much resistance and voltage drop that the entire electrical system suffers. It is common nowadays to find this condition on motorcycles equipped the the same cables that came on it, new, regardless of age. The factory did a very poor job of effecting a seal on the cable ends, and over decades they WILL wick moisture up the wire cable. The cables pictured were on a Slash 5 that came into my shop - help!


This is why you might be concerned-cables are not forever!






Bosch Starter Renewal $99.95 plus shipping and handling

Starters are robust, but over time, the shaft bushings usually develop enough wear to cause internal drag or interference when it tries to turn . This requires too much current from the battery , and frequently there won't be enough left for the ignition system to work . Hard starting can frequently be directly attributed to excessive starter current draw . Starter service includes armature shaft and drive gear bushing replacement, commutator cleaning and truing, brush inspection, and overall cleaning and lubrication. If more serious problems are found, an exact quote will be provided before proceeding.



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