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600 Watts!

No adaption or changing anything.


Even More Light and Heat for 1977-95, all model, Air Cooled Boxers.

Omega. The end. The end of that greatest limitation of the air cooled Boxer, a small capacity charging system. Now, from Motorrad Elektrik, the Omega alternator kit for all 1970 through 1995 2-valve BMW twins.


1970 - 1976 Slash - 5 and Slash - 6, 105mm stator. For all R50, R60, R75, R90 and R90S models

NOTE:1970 through 1973 Slash - 5 must use a / 6 round stator housing, used on all models from 1974 through 1995 Brush holder is the same part, and can be re-used.

1977 - 1995 Slash - 7 and Later , 107mm stator, for all models of R65, R80, and R100 motorcycles



The Omega system is still simply the best money you can spend for the greatest benefit possible when upgrading or repairing the charging system of a BMW air cooled twin. The limitations and inherently poor low speed charging that are designed into the stock system can make the use of accessories or extended low speed running a real problem. It's quite a disappointment to discover, at the end of the day, that the battery will no longer start the motor It's cold, it's getting dark, and the bike won't crank over - now what ?

This new Omega system will completely overcome these shortcomings, and provide plenty of charging current to power extra lights, heated clothing , or about any other accessories within reason up to a maximum of 50 amps A battery voltage of 14 volts will remain practically constant from 2000 RPM up This upgrade can re-define how you use your motorcycle, making it electrically as capable as a modern motorcycle

This is essentially a complete charging system, except for the battery. All these new parts fit in the same places, but are of dramatically improved design, materials, and construction. The parts are new, but the Bosch design has been in use on millions of vehicles, and is well known and proven through time. There are many hundreds of these kits in operation since 2002, several with over 100,000 miles and at least one with almost 200,000 miles on it, fitted to a / 6 that is going to do the infamous Iron Butt Rally - for the second time !

Included in each kit : rotor, stator, diode board pre-wired with all new wires, diode board solid mounts, alternator brushes, solid state voltage regulator, charge light auxiliary circuit, rotor removal tool, and 6mm allen wrench Installation is bolt-on, except for the need to solder the 3 new stator wires to the existing terminal block on the re-used stator housing - and we'll be glad to do that for you, for free, if you want to send in your cover.

NO MODIFICATIONS WHAT SO EVER need to be made to your motorcycle for installation. The wiring terminals are all compatible with the original equipment, so the original parts can be reinstalled at any time with no problem Eleven pages of clearly written, well illustrated instructions will make it a snap. Installation should take about 2-3 hours for an accomplished Airhead wrench, to double that for novice mechanics. Your times may vary.

FAQ Here

The strongest original alternator, found on the Slash - 6 models, only produced 280 watts / 20 amps The Slash-5 system only produced 180 watts / 13 amps, and the 1990 and later R100 alternators were downrated to only 238 watts / 17 amps.

ALL of these systems can struggle with low speeds or power losses from dirty, loose connections Trying to use many accessories results in having to turn off things as soon as it is not feasible to maintain 3500 or more RPM The Omega alternator effectively doubles the charging output, and can do it at significantly lower speeds while keeping up with loads. When extra loads are applied that would lower the battery voltage, the system just automatically cranks up the output to keep up Slogging through dense urban stop-and-go traffic, or a muddy remote track, the battery will be getting plenty of charging to keep you running as far as you need to go.

Another refinement the Omega now offers is a fail-safe parallel circuit provided for the generator warning light bulb. On the original Bosch system design, the warning light circuit supplies the exciter current to the alternator rotor. If the circuit is interrupted by a blown bulb or a failed rotor winding or worn out brushes, the red light won't come on with the key and the alternator WILL NOT CHARGE ! Unfortunately, BMW nor Bosch ever seemed to really emphasize this important information.

Even though bulb failures are actually very rare, it can be a real show stopper if you aren't aware that a red light that doesn't come on means a problem, just as surely as a red light that stays on all the time. Included with the Omega kit is an easy-to-add 330 ohm resistor assembled to a short length of color-coded wiring and nicely sealed in heat shrink tubing. In the event of an actual warning light bulb failure, the alternator will continue to function but you'll need to find out why the bulb doesn't work, in case it is a more serious issue than just the bulb.

Besides a terrific improvement for your bike's electrical system, the other valuable part of the kit you get is the knowledge, experience, exemplary customer support, and painless 1 year minimum warranty provided by Motorrad Elektrik Thirty - plus years of BMW motorcycle hands-on technician experience has provided lots of learning opportunities, and we can usually help with about any difficulty you might encounter during or after you install this outstanding product.


Omega 600 watt kit, ready to install: $595.00 plus shipping

/5 Installation requirements...

Please note that installation of this kit on a 1970-73 model /5 requires the use of a stator housing used on all 1974 through 1995 models. This is the round aluminum cover with the brush holder mounted on it, held to the engine with 3 allen screws.

The stator windings supplied with the Omega kit are larger in diameter than the original /5 part, and will not fit The /6 - later stator housing should be readily available from any number of used parts vendors, and the original /5 brush holder assembly can be reused.

Also, if additional accessories such as lights or heated gear are to be used, it is strongly recommended that a ventilated front engine cover from a 1974 through 1978 model be used to prevent possible overheating of the new alternator parts.

The original /5 front cover has almost no ventilation for cooling air to enter the front of the engine. This part should also be readily available used for a nominal amount.

200 Watt Alternator Kit for '55-'69 Boxers $893

This 200 watt, 12 volt alternator conversion is a completely self-contained unit, with the regulator and diode board built in - everything fits neatly under the front cover. The entire alternator attaches to the engine with two bolts which screw into existing tapped holes. Only three wires need to be connected to the original harness, and then replace the bulbs and battery - it's that simple. Real juice for your R60/2 or R69S! The kit comes complete with rotor puller tool, allen wrenches, fasteners and wire terminals, bulbs, and battery. Think! Real power for heated grips, electric vest, GPS...


280 Watt Upgrade for 1970 - 1973 Slash 5 Boxers $250.00

Easy bolt-on upgrade for the anemic stock alternator that came on the 1970-1973 models. All new parts including stator housing with brush holder assembly, new stator, new original style diode board and diode board wires.



STATOR HOUSING ASSEMBLY,1974-1995 All Models, $95.00

Comes complete with brush holder, brushes and springs, insulators and terminals. Allows easy conversion to 280 watt alternators on Slash 5 models 1970-73, as well as the high output Omega 600.




Omega Diode Board $90

Heavy duty high voltage automotive diodes in a large heat sink on a high temperature printed circuit board - what this means for you is consistent charging, long life, and a minimum of fuss.

Kit includes new wires and fasteners. Easy replacement for factory part.


Diode Board Solid Mounts: R90S, All 1000cc Airheads $20.00 / Set of 4

These all-metal replacements for the original type of rubber diode board mount will absolutely insure that the rubber mounts can never de-bond from the fasteners and allow the board to be damaged by contacting the engine case. This usually ruins the diode board instantly. Proper grounding of the diode board is assured, with no need for the typically inadequate external wire grounds. Poor grounding is a chronic reason diode boards may have reduced efficiency and short life from overheating.


NOTE : The following models DO NOT USE or NEED these solid mounts, as they were designed and built properly, with the diode board already mounted straight to the timing case:
1970-1973 Slash- 5 models R50, R60, R75
1974-1976 Slash-6 models R60, R75, R90
1978-1987 R65 and R80 models


New Stator $125.00

New Stators, made in Europe, for /5, /6 and all /7 and later twins.



Higher Voltage Regulator for Airheads, $38.95

This is a solid-state, non-adjustable voltage regulator that will help the battery recover more quickly from the heavy discharge of a startup, or a few minutes of low-speed running. The regulator DOES NOT INCREASE CHARGING SYSTEM OUTPUT CAPACITY! No regulator alone can. It does maintain the battery at a higher 14.2 voltage than the stock regulator allows, which is closer to the designed best operating voltage of the entire electrical system and gives more reserve in the battery. There are no moving parts internally, and it's a simple bolt-on, plug and play install.


Alternator Brushes & Springs


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