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Classic Boxer Charging Version 3.0 In stock and available NOW.

The only book you'll need to understand and administer to your Boxer electrical needs. No Airhead owner should be without this classic! Color graphics, explicit photos, wiring diagrams (in color!) for every Boxer model 1970-1997. Keep your Boxer purring along! Recently updated with all the latest wisdom.




Battery cables, + and - 1970-76 $29.95

Battery cables, + and - 1977-95 $34.95

These new 4 gauge cables are made of premium 420 strand copper and have solid copper terminals that are properly swaged and then sealed with a piece of adhesive-lined heat shrink.They should provide full amperage and ground beyond requirements, for another period of decades.

This is what your motorcycle could be struggling to overcome: gritty, green corrosion that causes so much resistance and voltage drop that the entire electrical system suffers. It is common nowadays to find this condition on motorcycles equipped the the same cables that came on it, new, regardless of age. The factory did a very poor job of effecting a seal on the cable ends, and over decades they WILL wick moisture up the wire cable. The cables pictured were on a Slash 5 that came into my shop - help!


This is why you might be concerned-cables are not forever!





Replica Horn for Slash 5 $24.95

This 12 volt horn bears a very close resemblance to the original Bosch horn found on the /5 models. It's 115mm in diameter instead of the original's 125mm, and has 2 terminals with a flat bracket for mounting. It sounds off loud and clear, perfect for restoring an original look to a /5 or adding some retro to any 1970 and later model.




Starter Relays


Headlight Relays


Turn Signal Relays



Oil Pressure Switches



Brake Light Switches




Universal Accessory Plug $12.00

This is one part that is such a great solution, you'll wonder why it hasn't been done long ago. Finally, just one plug that fits 'em all - big, car-type cigarette lighter size sockets and the smaller BMW-sized accessory sockets that have been standard equipment for years. Very well made, with a proper strain relief for the cord, an internal fuse to protect delicate electronics in accessories, and a nice green LED to indicate powered status. Simply a must for your bike!


Accessory Plug and Socket

Socket $18, Plug $8

These are the real deal, not cheapo plastic ones that melt!


90 Degree Accessory Plug $10.00

This is a high-quality accessory plug that stays out of the way,preventing damage to the plug or socket. The right-angle provides easier routing for the wires that uses less length. It has a proper strain relief inside that captures the wires and keeps them from getting yanked out if snagged or pulled.



Accessory Socket $18.00

This power socket with spring-loaded cap has two flat terminals for easy connection . It fits a 18mm diameter hole,secures with a
ring nut, and requires about 30mm depth clearance. Made in Germany, they're like the originals that come on the bike new.



Super Accessory Plug $12.00 (Fits our socket and original BMW accessory sockets )

This is a serious connector,for extreme reliability. The rubber boot provides water resistance and enough stiffness to support the wires inside. There's also an internal strain relief, so accidentally yanking the end off any cable with this one on it will be very hard.It's also big enough to find in the dark!



Fuses $0.75 each

Cylindrical 8amp, or Flat 7.5 or 15amp.



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