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Classic Boxer Charging Version 3.0 $25 plus shipping

"I hear, and I forget. I see, and I learn. I do, and I understand."

The only book you'll need to understand and administer to your Boxer charging needs. No Airhead owner should be without this classic! Classic Boxer Charging includes color graphics, explicit photos, and charging system wiring diagrams for every Airhead Boxer model 1970- 1995 (in color!). Keep your Boxer thump, thump, thumping along! Recently updated with all the latest wisdom.






Plugs in to a SAE flat connector(not included,sold separately)and press the button. You'll get the voltage readout in the window, as well as a colored status indicator:red,yellow or green.After several seconds the indicators self-extinguish. Built-in low voltage indicator causes the red LED to flash continually.


Fused leads connect directly to battery and provide easy connectivity for chargers and accessories.



Dielectric Grease $3.50

Proper protection for all electrical terminals and connections. Prevents corrosion and oxidation. Critical for preventing damage to ingnition control units on Boxers. A near lifetime supply in one small tube.





Rotor Removal Tool $5.00

Hardened steel replica of factory tool. Essential for removal and replacement of rotor.



Jumper Cables $24.95

Hey, you never know when you're going to roll up on one of America's iron horses or brand X bikes with a dead battery. Be a hero...this set is small enough to carry under your seat or tail cowling, made specifically for motorcycles.

These are REAL jumper cables, not tangle prone cheapos...don't get caught with a substitute, get the real deal.




Battery Tenders $30.00 & $50.00

Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News, the Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge and maintain a battery at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Note: NOT for use with true "Gel" batteries such as Odyssey or the new BMW Factory Batteries

Power is applied at the correct peak charge, then the battery is automatically maintained at the perfect float voltage which virtually eliminates destructive sulfation. The Junior is also available in 6 volts, for the oldies - and Gel Batteries.


Custom Reflective Tape

Extra visibility with no electrical penalty! These pre-cut kits apply 3M Scotchbrite reflective film to the back surfaces or side contours of your saddlebags or top trunk. Black material is invisible by day and turns brillaint white when light hits it at night. The kits are available for every type saddlebag and top trunk sold by BMW from F650 top cases to Cruiser bags too. Even Krauser is covered. One of the best safety enhancements available - be seen, not hurt.


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