Dyna Coils $80 each with mounting bracket, $140 pair (no mounts)

Dyna coils are available for any Airhead Boxer, providing 35000 volts of reliable ignition power. They can be used as a very cost-effectivereplacement for original coils which have a problem with cracking. By matching the correct coil, no control unit changes are necessary.

GREEN coils have 3 ohms primary resistance, for points ignition systems and older dual-plug applications.


BROWN coils have 1.5 ohms primary resistance,for '81 through '95 Airheads with factory electronic ignition.


$90 Each bracket and hardware included for use on all single-coil models from 1981 to 1995.


New Bosch Coils For 1970 Through 1980 Models : /5 , /6 , and /7, R90S 6 volt $85 pair

These are the high-energy Bosch coils known for years as " Blue Coils" because of their distinctive color. Now, they're just natural aluminum but still the great replacement coil for tired, aging original coils that don't develop the full spark energy they might have had 30 or more years ago. Very often, installing a new set of these coils will restore easy starting, smooth running, and greater economy than was normal with the original coils . These coils are 6 volt, wired in series, just like the original design specification, and they will fit directly into the original coil clamps. These are the newest production from Bosch's new factory in Brazil. Beware of "Blue Coils" that show up on the 'net at a remarkably low price! There are several knock-offs out there, clever copies visually but invariably of poor quality


Points Plate for /2 Boxers $95.00

Uses readily available and inexpensive General Motors points and condensor. This allows not only great economy but ease of maintenance as well. Ignition timing can be set via turning a single Allen Screw - Voila. Simple.



Dyna III Electronic Ignition for 70-78 Boxers $199.95

Another well known product that has been making boxer owners lives easier for many years. Works with the original coils and spark advancer. Easier starting and smoother running can be expected with little need for maintenance 5 years manufacturers warrenty.


R1100 Hall Sender $225.00

Brand - New, Genuine BMW Part. Fits all R1100, 1150, and 850 four - valve models .



/2 Plug Wires $40 Pair (55' - '69 Boxers only)

Spark Plug Wires are frequently overlooked as a cause of hard starting or poor performance. Bad spark plug wires can damage magneto coils on vintage BMWs as well. These wires are correct in appearance and in function and have 0 ohms resistance to keep the mag coil cool.



Plug Wires

All wires come with 5k ohm NGK caps (as shown). Fit Airheads only.



K75 Plug Wire Set, all years/models $84.95

Same quality materials and correct coil connector as on the 4 cylinder wire sets.Keep that K75 running like an atomic clock.




Plug Wires for 4-Valve K100, K1100 $89.95/4
Fits 90-93 K1,K100RS and all years K1100 models

These spark plug wires are made from very good quality jacketed copper cable, with the correct 5K ohm resistor in the NGK caps. The caps are correctly sized for a snug fit on the 12mm sized K plugs made with the screw-on terminal nut on the end. The coil ends are the correct brass barrel - end type for the K100, and clip-on types for the center stud terminal found in the K75 and K1100 coil sockets. Thick rubber boots at the coil end keep moisture away from the connectors inside. The air-gap coil connectors aren't cheap, or easy to find other than expensive original BMW parts. By using the exact correct part, easy fit and long service are assured. Why pay the exorbitant factory price, when these wire sets can restore smooth running and efficiency to an engine suffering with 23 year old plug wires? Do you run your car plug wires for 20 - plus years? Didn't think so ­ but if you do, the car needs help too!


Oilhead Plug Wires, 1994-2003 models $74.95
Fits all years of R850, R1100, and R1150 4-Valve Twins

These top-quality replacement wires are constructed from highest-quality components that are the same as used by the original equipment manufacturer. The plug caps are the CORRECT 90 degree bend, with grab areas for the removal tool found in the tool kit. This pair of wires costs the same as ONE wire does from BMW.



NGK Spark Plugs

Bosch plugs are no more. Happily NGK fills the gap with the proper plugs to keep your Airhead, F650 and K-Bike motoring along. NGK spark plugs are made to the same level of quality, and incorporate all the same important design features of the original Bosch part.



Ignition Control Unit for Boxer $60.00

Ignition Control Unit-Used on all boxers with factory electronic ignition, up to 1993. These are not from the original equipment supplier, but they are very reliable and work the same in every way. Oh, and more thing: they cost over a hundred dollars LESS than the originals! Take the money you save and ride a few more miles :)



Bosch Starter Renewal $75 plus shipping and handling

Starters are robust, but over time, the shaft bushings usually develop enough wear to cause internal drag or interference when it tries to turn . This requires too much current from the battery , and frequently there won't be enough left for the ignition system to work . Hard starting can frequently be directly attributed to excessive starter current draw . Starter service includes armature shaft and drive gear bushing replacement, commutator cleaning and truing, brush inspection, and overall cleaning and lubrication. If more serious problems are found, an exact quote will be provided before proceeding.


New Magneto Coil '55-'69 Airheads R51/3 through /2 Twins $160.00

Great replacement for the ever-aging and failure - prone original magneto coils. Almost all of the original coils are now failing routinely. A sure indication of this progressive failure is hard starting when hot. As it gets worse, there may soon be misfiring at high speeds as well. These coils are of modern, improved design and manufacture for a perfect fit and restored reliability. Made with an external ground wire connection for increased reliability , and the high-tech resins and plastics used in their construction means they should help keep your bike around for the next 50 years. Make it right with a new condensor, $8.

(It is strongly recommended that the condensor should be replaced whenever a new coil is fitted . Old, failing condensors can cause serious coil problems on even a new part . These new ones come with the wire made on, so there's no tedious soldering like the originals.)


Original BMW parts for long life.